Projects and Consulting Services:

Branding / Rebranding
Team efficiency projects
Marketing Projects
Business Plan
Coaching projects
Standardization and performance Evaluation
Efficient communication
Change management

Other projects:
The objective of our team is to provide consulting services for the elaboration and implementation of projects in the fields:
Team structuring of fast-growing start-ups
Evaluation of a business idea, of the projects in the initial phase or in progress;
Business analysis and diagnosis with the purpose of identifying business stabilization and consolidation solutions;
Projects in collaboration with the client to evaluate the employees (to customize the solutions offered)
Projects to improve team performance (we are experts in the fields of sales, marketing)
Efficient management (sales strategies, vision setting, targeting, market research, team evaluation, budget control, etc.) that meet the most demanding quality requirements of customers.
Offering / matching of CRM solutions, database management, creating marketing campaigns, etc.
Development of plans to identify the needs of your clients
Development of action plans for the development of new products
Development of strategies for launching new products on the market
Elaboration of the entrepreneurial / managerial business plan;
Organization and total or partial reorganization of the company’s activities;
Our team creates, implements, coordinates and monitors the efficient use of all resources to add value to your business.
The services offered are customized to any organizational structure thus responding to the specifics of each partner.

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