Yougov to Form First Legal Panel

Yougov to Form First Legal Panel

As a global data company and research provider, we take data privacy and security very seriously and believe that everyone`s personal data should be handled responsibly and ethically. We have tried to make this notice as easy to read as possible, but if something is unclear, please contact us at and we will be happy to fix it. We provide the majority of our research services by inviting members of our research panel (which we refer to as “panel members”) to participate in surveys. Once an individual joins the YouGov panel, they can earn cash-redeemable points by completing surveys, and their survey responses are used to match panel members with future surveys (samples) and get search results for our clients. To join one of YouGov`s research panels, individuals must agree to YouGov`s Terms and Conditions and have the option to read YouGov`s Privacy and Cookie Notice, which clearly explains what data may be collected from panel members and how it may be used. You can request a copy of the data we hold about you and related information LONDON (Reuters) – Prime Minister Theresa May could lose control of Parliament in Britain`s June 8 election, according to a YouGov forecast, raising the prospect of a political stalemate just as formal Brexit negotiations begin. Cookie Consent Management Platform (allows us to inform you about our use of cookies and obtain your consent) The Policy may be made available to panel members, clients and suppliers upon request. If you require a copy of the policy, please contact Yes, we share certain information with trusted third parties who help us provide our research services. For example, we share panel members` email addresses with companies that provide the technology we use to send survey invitations. We have put in place appropriate contractual safeguards with all service providers to ensure that they have put in place appropriate security measures and that they do not disclose or use personal data for any other purpose.

You have full control over the types of data we use to personalize the ads you see. When you first sign in to YouGov Direct, we ask you to complete the Profile section, where you can select the types of data we want to use to show ads in the YouGov Direct App or website. Of course, you can change your settings at any time in the profile area. You can view publicly filed records of YouGov plc or one of our UK companies through Companies House ( Companies House is the commercial register in the UK and shares most of the information for free. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact If you have given us your consent to use your personal data, you have the right to receive a copy of your personal data in a structured and machine-readable format and, if possible, to send it to another organisation. modify, copy, reproduce, create derivative works from, republish, display, upload, publish, transmit or distribute in any way the content, materials and information made available on our website When we work with you, we need to collect certain information about your employees in order to be able to provide you with our services, such as login details from our YouGov profiles and YouGov BrandIndex tools, or contact information for our key contacts. We are a data controller of this information because we use it to provide our services – this means that we are responsible for the use of the data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

For more information about the information we collect from our customers and how we use it, please see our Customer Privacy & Cookies Notice. YouGov is the sole controller of all processing of personal data concerning panel members, as we determine the purposes and means of the processing. If you are a business, these Terms, their subject matter and formation (and any non-contractual dispute or claim) will be governed by English law. We both consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. We have tried to make the following privacy policy as easy to read as possible. If something is not clear here, please contact us at and we will be happy to clarify it. YouGov acquires an insurance programme tailored to the business and our business. If you have any questions about insurance with YouGov, please contact us on You can also choose how web browser cookies are managed by your device through your browser settings. If you choose not to receive cookies at any time, websites may not function properly and some services may not be provided. Every browser and device is different, so use the following links to find information on how to manage cookie settings in specific browsers via the links below: We do not intend that decisions that have legal or other significant effects on you are made about you by purely automated means, But we will update this notice, if this position changes and you let you know.

To use your personal information in the manner described above, we may share it within YouGov and with trusted third parties who provide services to us. Here you can find more information about the types of organizations and what we can share with them. We also do not promise or warrant that our website or its content will provide you with specific results or that your use of our websites will be appropriate for your purposes, and we accept no responsibility for your use or interpretation of the information or data on our websites. We conduct independent penetration testing every year and continually scan our systems and applications for vulnerabilities in our systems. If you believe you have found a security issue or vulnerability in any of our systems, please let us know at You are solely responsible for configuring your information technology, computer programs and platform to access our website. You should use your own antivirus software. Our support team can be contacted via this web form: We will review on a case-by-case basis any project that does not use panel members` data to ensure that we agree on the most appropriate processing relationship (although in practice this is mainly the case when we use samples provided by the client for whom we are the data controller). However, YouGov must always be the sole data controller when YouGov panel member data is used, as this position forms the basis of any research we conduct with panel members and how our survey systems have been set up. We have given a lot of thought to this area of data protection law and continue to monitor new case law and guidance, and while we recognize that this is a complex area that can lead to different interpretations, we cannot change our position when conducting research with our panel. After downloading the app, you will see a screen stating that the app is “Untrustworthy”.

Apple takes security very seriously (just like we do). The reason for this is that the YouGov Pulse app collects information about you, and Apple wants to make sure that you are the one giving permission to do so, not you doing it on your behalf. We use the data you share with YouGov Direct to give you the best possible experience when you participate in YouGov Direct. We describe these uses and the corresponding legal bases for processing in more detail below. If you have any questions about why we process your personal data or would like to know more about how we determine whether these grounds apply, please contact our Data Protection Officer using the contact details in the “Contact Us” section. Due to the new security measures introduced by Apple with iOS 10.3, combined with the YouGov Pulse app that uses an SSL VPN, a particular SSL certificate must be explicitly trusted if this is the first time such a certificate is added to the device. If you try to use the device without first trusting the certificate, you may see the “Unable to verify server identity” confirmation error that you may see. You need to follow these steps to resolve this issue: YouGov`s first global legal body is now in place, with five companies gaining places in the UK.