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Just a few of the reasons to chose us as your business partner:

We know that when you need to make an important decision for your career or a new trade you need a trusted partner who can assist and help with all your courses needs.

By organizing and coordinating soft skills, hard skills (trade and technical courses) and Personal / Professional Development trainings, we are very careful that they are carried out in optimal conditions and customized to the needs of each member of the group. Thus we are proud to have a graduation 99.9% rate.
Our trainers and lecturers are qualified in their respective fields with a proven track record and education / qualifications according to and required by the law (ANC, ISCIR). They are experts in their respective fields. Our Trainers offer a combined 50 years of training experience.
We offer discounts for organizations / companies / groups depending on the number of people enrolled in the training. If you reffer one of our training you receive the Monasi Voucher. For more details please contact us.
By working with reputable companies medium and small sized, we understand the budgetary constraints so we make conscious efforts to be flexible in assisinting with training your employees in order to support you and your business in getting the return of investment immediately.

When you chose who to work with knowing the VALUES that guide them:

These are ours:


“People react, only leaders proact”

Tony Robbins

Leaders exist to lead.

This motto differentiates us and helps us create results. Leaders need to spend more time developing vision, innovate and create strategies, and become less involved in operational activities that become easier to manage by implementing simple / concise procedures and efficient process mapping well. Thus, leaders can anticipate complex changes in their business environment.


“Do or don’t, there is no try”

Yoda – Star Wars

Our character is far more important than our reputation. Reputation is what others see and think about us.

Character is who we are even when no one sees us. Aware of the growing importance of character and ethical values in the activities we carry out every day, the two are crucial values for us in our way of collaborating both with internal / external clients and with our partners.


“We make no excuses, we create results”

Robin S. Sharma

Efficient management of a company (industry, trade, tourism, services) in-depth knowledge of domestic and international market research methodology, understanding marketing strategies and policies at the level of institutions, opportunities, market and business risks help you capitalize Our experience products / services have the potential to be the key to your company’s success.


Don’t take our word for it – here is what our customers say:

„Reliable company, professional team and focused on customer needs. An extraordinary collaboration “

Rotari Marius


“The course is very useful at work. I really liked the course and the presentation of the materials was very well done. The trainer stimulated the interest not only of me but of the whole class, so I all successfully graduated “

Zagrai Daniel


“The way the Trainer knew how to juggle the subject of the course so well and combine it with interactive games that maintain a more interesting atmosphere is what I liked most about this course. I was very surprised by how much information I gained from the course. “

Luca Mădălina

“I especially liked the way the material was taught and I find the information presented very useful.”

Fetinca Florin


“Professionalism and devotion in what I do!”

Marcu Bogdan


“The course was very pleasant and interesting. Mr. Lector was very explicit, patient and very nice. He gave us the necessary attention to all the doubts.”

Rus Ana-Maria


Some of our customers:

Our team:

Our team offers a combined over 50 years of experise in: education, training, professional and personal development.

Péter Lörincz

Trade Courses Trainer

„Success does not mean never making mistakes, but never making the same mistake a second time.”

George Bernard Shaw

Ramona Pop

Sales Courses Trainer

„Forming a team is just the beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.”

Henry David Thoreau

Alina Mureșan

Marketing Courses Trainer

„Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you like what you do, then you will succeed.”

Albert Schweitzer

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If you need trade or technical courses, sales or marketing trainings, personal and / or professional development, business consulting or just want to talk, our team is at your disposal: