Rules for Dealing with Fae

Rules for Dealing with Fae

Sylvia had been in the fairy realm for some time. Sometimes she wondered how long she had been away from the human realm, but she remembered that she didn`t care. She had a good life here and an even more beautiful woman by her side. She now had most of the rules of this place, but sometimes little things catch her off guard. Sometimes Aelwise comes home with something unexpected. It is safe to eat the food of the Fae people if it is a gift given in reciprocity. Let`s say you gave your fairy friends a shiny mineral stone and they return the favor with berries (which you know are safe to eat). These berries are a reciprocal gift, which means you don`t have debt if you consume them. When talking to a being, keep in mind that fairies can`t lie, but ghosts can. However, legend has it that if you ask a ghost the same question three times, he will answer it honestly all three times or change one of the answers and you know he is lying. I`ll discuss below how to do each of these things. Read on if you`re interested in partnering with Fair Folk at some point.

Even though you probably think of a fairy as a little angelic creature with wings, Fae Folk are actually made up of many different creatures. There is no particular type of fairy. They tend to know I`m trying and seem to enjoy the effort. It`s not everyone`s experience, so go into any situation prepared with Fair Folk. I`ll talk more about how to prepare below. Critical question: How to identify these horrific creatures? Because it kind of seems like it might be very important to know that you`re dealing with someone to make sure you don`t offend them by refusing their food or not giving them your real name. Are tennis rackets also an effective mode of fighting against them? If not, how about a lightsaber? I`m going to get my answer out of nowhere. Of course, this is just a general rule. There are many types of Fae that you can spot in your area. The type of Fae you interact with depends entirely on where you live. These Fae seem to move with the human population to which they are related. For example, in North America, there are some Fae peoples originating from the region (such as those associated with the Cherokee Nation), but there are also Scottish Fae, Irish Fae, Germanic Fae and others who migrated to America with their people.

“I wouldn`t dream of it,” Sylvia says with a smile. Unlike our practices with gods or goddesses, witches do not worship fairies. The Fae are otherworldly beings with whom you can establish a relationship, but that relationship should be a give-and-take rather than the kind of bond we develop with the gods. You should also be prepared to make an effort before contacting the fairies. Once you start giving gifts on a regular basis and building a relationship, they can get upset or hurt if you could suddenly stop and take revenge. Of course, not all fairies are like this, but there are unspoken rules of the Fae people that it would be wise to follow. “Oh pshh, you shouldn`t be rude to anyone, Sylvia. This is MY basic rule. She smiled and seemed terribly proud of herself for developing this nugget of wisdom. Many powerful witches and spiritual teachers working with the Fae people have described negative interactions. There are reports of fairies stealing objects, causing long-term misfortune, killing crops, injuring animals, making people sick, temporarily blinding people, or causing insanity or loss of speech. You may not be able to tell, but if you ever encounter an abnormally beautiful person on a hike or something like that, it`s best to follow the rules, just in case.

“Well, I`ll make sure I don`t give insults in the future,” the woman replied with a gentle smile. That was about all Sylvia`s already molten heart could handle. “It`s not cute – it`s a sophisticated method for interdimensional travel, and you should treat it with respect.” Keep in mind that if you work with a certain group of fairies who adhere to certain cultural rules, there are still many other species that behave completely differently. Personally, I have no experience with all kinds of fairies, because it would be practically impossible! The Fae Folk or are a large subset. If you have children, it`s especially important that you take care of them before you start working with Fair Folk. Children can be attractive to fairies with ulterior motives. Legend has it that the Fae sometimes rob children directly from their beds and replace them with Fae children. In pop culture, Fairy seems to refer to our idealized vision of a Tinkerbell elf. In fact, when we hear the word fairy, we often imagine an elf without realizing it. It may take months for this to happen, but you will suddenly disappear. Everyone will assume that you have been kidnapped; It will be as if you have disappeared without a trace.

The rules of the Fey are a set of unspoken rules in the kingdom of the Fey, known as Tir ná nÓg. Deadly humanoids are in great danger if they break any of these rules while in the kingdom. These relationships should resemble a relationship with every human person. You can`t just ask the Fae to be there when you feel like it, as you can with your guides. It must be one of equality; They don`t like to feel used. One difference is that fairies have their own rules, ethics, morals and etiquette. It can be difficult to understand them because they live according to a culture that we are not used to. If you have ever had such an experience, then you have probably been with the Fae people without knowing it. In our world, home and garden, Fae Folk most often interact with people. House fairies are usually known as brownies, but not always. Elves are the most common type of garden fae, while elves are known in Iceland and colder climates. She sat down next to the woman.

Then she immediately realized that they were the only humanoid looking people there. Around them sat small green men (?) and women (?) with large pointed drooping ears, yellow eyes and sharp teeth. Very gremlin-esque, like the guy her grandmother, also called Sylvia, warned her. Fairies can also heal you. They can befriend you, cultivate your gardens, play with your animals and introduce you to a truly magical world. There are beautiful fairies who love to play with children, work with nature and interact with the most beautiful parts of the world. If you work with Fae, avoid iron. It is said to hurt them. Just in case I try to keep it out of my yard.

Legend has it that the Other World is quite close to our world. It`s almost like living side by side with fairies, but we`re in a slightly different dimension. We are still close enough to interact. In ancient Ireland, legend has it that fairies lived in planes just above us. Fairies have a different label than humans. While many Fae folk rules depend on the specific types of fairies you`re working with, it doesn`t hurt to start with a few basics. After a long hike through the forest, Sylvia was surely starving. Of course, she had to walk to the end; The woman floated all the way, her satin tunic floating loosely around her feet. She doubted that the woman was hungry. It was probably just a formality. Another step in the routine “a stupid person accidentally returned to our ring and we have to impose some kind of otherworldly punishment”. Whatever.

Sylvia loved good food and she loved spending time with this lady. It was really a nice walk. Before contacting beautiful people or trying anything with them, you need to know: if you come into contact with fairies, do not brag about it to anyone. It`s safer not to tell anyone, but if you want to share your experience, only tell your closest friends privately. “So what`s wrong with the guy who has three seats down? I mean, go to the dentist from time to time – these chompers need braces, right? Sylvia joked nervously. That`s right, just make the joke. People love humor. ordinary. If you are sure that you are in contact with a fairy and do not really want to work with her, I recommend leaving the area if you are in the fairy field. When you`re at home, see if you can just ignore yourself or pretend they don`t exist, or find a way to politely ban it. When in doubt, be friendly and careful. A Witch`s Guide to the People of Feery: How to Work with the Elemental World To work with the Fae people, leave them offerings.