Register of Legal Entities Poland

Register of Legal Entities Poland

Any public figure can consult the register online and obtain the necessary information or a number of documents free of charge. You can download some excerpts yourself from the website or contact the organization called Central Information. Please note that an extract from the register obtained online has the same legal value as documents issued by Central Information. (3) If the register contains legally inadmissible data, the registration court shall automatically erase the data after hearing the data subjects at a meeting or asking them to file a written statement. The cost of setting up a company in Poland depends on the number of founders and the specifics of legal documents. Price for the registration of a company, from: 1899$ In addition, on the following website, you can search for companies registered in the National Register of Courts. The above companies can be searched by their company name or NCR number and the basic data of the wanted entity is provided on the website in question. The national language version of this page is managed by the Member State concerned. The translations were carried out by the European Commission. Any changes made to the original by the competent national authority may not yet be reflected in the translations. The European Commission accepts no responsibility for any information or data contained or referred to in this document.

Please note the copyright regulations of the Member State responsible for this site. The following companies are subject to registration in the Register of Entrepreneurs, among others: commercial companies (registered company, limited partnership, limited partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, joint-stock company) and branches of foreign entrepreneurs operating in the territory of the Republic of Poland. Polish law is quite flexible in this regard – being of legal age or having a legal representative is in most cases the only requirement, at least for Polish citizens. Foreigners from the European Union, the European Economic Area, the United States or the Swiss Confederation may also do so under the same rules, while people outside this specification who are interested in setting up a business may need a residence permit to do so. It should be noted that in some cases, a temporary resident permit may be required. This restriction does not apply: To search for information about any of the above registries, you must enter one of the following information: company name, KRS number, PIN number or REGON number. For REGON, however, you can`t just search by company name. All companies registered in Poland must be registered in the Commercial Register. It is a centralized, online database managed by the Department of Justice. Anyone can open a company in Poland The founder of a legal entity in Poland can be a natural and legal person. It does not matter in which country you are a citizen or in which country a legal entity is registered that will establish a company in Poland. Company founder in Poland For the registration of a limited liability company in Poland, the legislation does not limit the number of participants.

Thus, 1 person and 50 people can open a business at the same time. Requirements for the director of the company The following categories of citizens may be the director of a Polish company: It is also possible to obtain copies of official KRS documents that may be necessary for due diligence (e.g. to check a shelving company to ensure that it is indeed clean), legal affairs, for the submission of an application for a residence permit. 2) The National Court Register (NCR) is a centralised database managed by selected district courts in major Polish cities and consists of three separate registers: The National Court Register is publicly accessible – everyone has access to the registration records of institutions registered in the NCR (with the competent district court). Excerpts from the NCR are available across the country from central information at NCR offices. On the other hand, no one can invoke ignorance of the information contained in the NCR. In this article, we focus on company information that is publicly available for companies registered in Poland. Since 2003, Healy Consultants Group PLC assists several of our clients as foreign guides in setting up a company in Poland.

The most common type of structure used by foreigners for business registration is the limited liability company (LLC, known locally as sp.z.o.o). When our clients are considering exporting their products abroad, it is often advantageous to register their preferred unit in one of Poland`s special economic zones, which offer excellent infrastructure and tax exemptions, as well as a quick process to obtain manufacturing permits. 1. Register of contractors. It contains data on persons involved in the activities of state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises and other types of legal entities registered in the country. More specifically, the register contains different types of information on these bodies: Article 17. 1. The accuracy of the data in the register shall be presumed. In Poland, there are several compliance regulations that must be adhered to during operations. This includes at least one Annual General Meeting no later than 6 months after the end of the financial year.

Another is the regular holding of board meetings and registration with the Registration Court (shareholders and directors) and the Polish National Court (company). More obvious are compliance with Polish legislation, payment of Polish income tax and compliance with the rules on annual accounts. 2. If an entry in the register is found to contain manifest errors or is not in accordance with the order of the court, the court shall automatically rectify the entry. It is important to remember that there is always the opportunity to seek help from legal services and various organizations that are happy to offer their advice to any entrepreneur who needs it. With their help, the process of starting a business can become a much smoother experience. Not only can they offer legal advice, but they can also act as representatives in the legal process so that the client avoids bureaucratic confusion that stands in their way. Up to 2 million euros in 1 year – 9% income tax Mandatory VAT for the company starts with the proceeds of 200,000 PLN (52,000 USD) Legal entities in Poland pay taxes, fees and other payments: If you are interested in becoming the founder of a Polish company, but are not able to accumulate the initial capital for large-scale business activity, There is one option – sole proprietary.

These companies are called sole proprietorships and must be registered in the Central Register and Business Activity Information (CEIDG) – persons interested in being part of a civil law partnership. For the future business unit, it is possible to legally carry out an unregistered activity if the following conditions are met: The Polish register containing information on legal persons consists of three databases. The NCR provides the following information: KRS, PIN and REGON numbers, full legal name of the company, class of corporation, type of registry, class of corporation (e.g. private, public), date of incorporation, registered address, contact information of directors/signatories. It provides information on companies, foundations, associations and other bodies. The legal entity is an organization, company, company established and registered in accordance with the procedure established by law. A legal entity has the ownership, economic management or operational management of property and may acquire and exercise property rights and personal rights of non-ownership. To register a company in Poland, you need documents: 2. Register of associations.

It contains data on non-profit organisations registered in Poland. (2) In the event of a discrepancy between entry in the register and its publication in the Economic and Judicial Journal, entry in the register shall be legally binding. However, a third party may rely on the content published in the Wirtschafts- und Gerichtsjournal, unless the registered body proves that the third party was aware of the content of the entry in the register. The register of insolvent debtors in Poland contains natural persons who have been declared insolvent, partners who are responsible for their personal property or persons who have been deprived by the court of the exercise of a commercial activity on their own account. You can search the Polish commercial register using the following search terms: Article 14. An entity that is required to submit an application for entry in the register may not invoke against third parties in good faith data that have not been entered in the register or deleted from the register. The cost of registering a Polish company includes the following costs: 3) The Official National Register of Companies (REGON) contains information on the following companies: This section gives you an overview of the Polish Commercial Register.